July 9, 2018

Landworks Studio Welcomes Brian Sturm

A graduate of the University of Georgia, Brian has practiced landscape architecture for 13 years and has completed projects in eight states. Prior to his career in landscape architecture, Brian completed a bachelor's degree in history at the University of North Carolina and worked as an environmental educator in one of our National Parks. 

Brian seeks out the stories being told by our landscapes and develops designs, which bring them boldly forward for the public to enjoy. With extensive professional experience, his work includes: parks and trail design; master planning for residential, senior living and mixed-use communities; monument design; and planting plans to meet city ordinances to gain necessary permits. While his final designs ultimately specify materials, such as pavement, pipes, and plants, it is people, which are his favorite element in the landscape and inspire his work.

Brian lives with his wife and three boys in Lawrence and spends every moment he can with them outside.  His passions for travel and camping have taken him to all lower 48 states.

Some of Brian's favorite past projects include: