The Chouteau Heritage Fountain is a signature art piece and fountain for the northland.  Inspired by the bluff where Rock Creek joins the Missouri River, this fountain depicts trade between Francois Chouteau and the Native American tribe members that would occur at this historic location.  Chouteau and the Osage Tribe are conducting trade on the bluff, while downstream, a Kansa hunter is pursuing beavers along the river’s edge.  His dugout canoe waits on the riverbank with other trade goods inside.

The river is represented by a colored and textured concrete river bottom where fountain misters simulate an early morning fog rising from the river.  The river flows under a sculpted bridge from a reflecting pool.  Rock Creek joins the river as an eight foot high, naturally designed, cascading waterfall adjacent to the feature bluff.  Stepping stones create a river crossing to a plaza space with a sculpted trading post enhanced with stone carvings and inscriptions.  Informational signage is located at a plaza space adjacent to the trail and downstream at the bus drop-off area.  Native plantings are used to support the natural setting. The Chouteau Native American Fountain will be located on the west side of Chouteau Parkway just south of Russell Road.   To view a video produced by Landworks Studio to assist the City of Fountains with fundraising efforts, click the following link:

Chouteau Heritage Fountain Experience