A farmers' market can be a centerpiece of a community and a gathering place for its citizens. That's certainly the vision the City of Grandview had when it earned a federal grant for improvements along its Main Street. The City hired Landworks Studio to lead a team of consultants in completing construction documents for a Farmers' Market and urban park at the northeast corner of 8th and Main.

The park includes a dramatic fountain, planters and special pavements to complement the downtown streetscape and add additional booth space for vendors during Market activities. The park will also serve as a venue for any special events hosted downtown. A significant amount of seating around landscaped planter boxes increases the park's flexibility, allowing the Parks and Recreation Department to host entertainers and other recreational activities on the site. To meet the needs of each stakeholder group, the Landworks Studio staff worked with City staff, the Board of Alderman and the public to achieve the desired design elements.

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