It's not often that one of your stakeholder groups is a pair of tigers. But it was true for the Sumatran Tiger Exhibit located along Tiger Trail in the Kansas City Zoo. The project, which opened in 2012, introduced the tigers to a new home with a waterfall and pond, interesting cliffs, rock ledges and plenty of room to stretch. As newly planted bamboo shoots mature the Tigers will be shaded and buffered from the noises and commotions neighboring animals cause, while the ultra strong invisinet enclosure provides muiltiple viewing opportunities for guests as the tigers move throughout their enclosure.

Landworks Studio worked closely with the civil and structural engineering consultants and the zoo staff. The design challenge was to incorporate a natural bluff and existing building on the project site while providing a stimulating and comfortable environment for the tigers. The Landworks team also created the viewing platform that allows visitors to get an eye-level view of the animals and take respite off the main pedestrian traffic way. 

project features